Yrmia Map
Battleground Overview
# Players 1 vs 1

Description Edit

Yrmia is a 1vs1 map that can be a bit complicated to master.

At the start of the game each player has a wall around their base, you can destroy this wall to get some extra power but that allows the enemy to attack your power wells and monuments with ground units easily.

Fire is an excellent element to use on this map as there are many choke points which increases the efficency of Eruptions.

Where to Expand Edit

Good Choices Edit

The middle of the map is an excellent resource base but taking it can be risky. Units like Firedancer can attack the position from a save distance behind cliffs which is really hard to deal with unless you've got strong air control.

Take the power wells on the side are much safer compared to the middle position, therefore expanding there is usually beneficial.

If you can take 1 of the monuments in the east and west, this will give you the map control to deny a T3 from your opponent.

Bad ChoicesEdit

The middle of the map is an important location. Holding it can get you the win, but letting your enemy capture it first can result in a major loss.

On this map you do NOT want to play defensivly, because the map is really small and there are alot of ressources that lead to a high power level (especially with the additional void power you gain from destroying your wall in the main base).

If your enemy plays pure Fire, going for the center resource base is a BAD idea, because he can use cliffdancer and support them to finish you off.

Strategies Edit

General Edit

Early Game (T1) Edit

Mid Game (T2) Edit

Late Game (T3+) Edit

Mapbugs Edit

Walls Edit

  • The Wall in the southern spawning location is protected by the Orb while in the northern spaning location your enemy can rebuild it.

Orbs Edit

  • The 2 Orbs at the left mappart can hit eachother with thier ranged attacks while the 2 orbs at the right location can't.

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