We are currently undergoing a very successful beta for the new lost souls edition featuring both twilight and lost souls factions, even the dev's are coming on to discuss balancing with players. Twilight the new fire / nature cards seem to need some tweaking, while the Lost Souls which are frost / shadow seem to be fairly balanced with only few issues. The Lost Souls units were given an ability to resurrect them selves upon death for a limited time, combine that with a nasty surprise from a near by ground presence and these units can be quite effective. Twilight units ability is how ever seemingly useless with only minor bonus's for spending full cost on a new unit while losing the old one, it seems you would be better off just spawning a new unit. In addition there have been some very nice new units builds and spells have been added to the game. The scheduled release was first set at the 28th but has recently been pushed back to the 4th of February due to the beta's success. Great work Phenomic we look forward to more to come.

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