Known Cards

So far we have seen detailed information about three cards from the Renegade Edition.

Those three cards are:

Bandit Bloodhorn
Preview Bloodhorn
The Bloodhorn is a creature native to the border between the Southern Wastes and the Red Desert. One of its principal enemies is the Juggernaut, so the Bloodhorn is used to a challenge. Stories tell of the earthshaking clashes that happen when these two creatures charge each other, locking into terrible combat. The Bloodhorn does not accept a master, unless it is a master even more wild and vicious as the Bloodhorn himself. So it is only natural that the only ones being able to ride the Bloodhorn are the female raiders of the wasteland bandits.

The Bloodhorn is a unit of XL size which specializes in attacking large targets. Not only can it trample its enemies in a wild stampede, its rider can put the Bloodhorn into a fierce rage. In this rage the Bloodhorn becomes a primal force of total destruction but due to the shadow roots of this ability, there is a price to be paid for this. The final ability that gives the Bloodhorn his name is its urge to devour the blood of its prey, healing itself with its strength.

Bandit Tortugun
Preview Tortugun
The Tortugun is an elemental force from the Southern Wastes. Unstoppable and older than time itself it roams through the wasteland in search of food. Bandits, who own its fire power, willingly sacrifice unlucky allies to lure this moody creature.

The Tortugun is the ultimate long range weapon. As a super large unit of mostly fiery descent it is able to do massive damage with its carapace-mounted gun. But the Tortugun also has some drawbacks...

It is permanently searching for food and can't be controlled fully. However, it longs for fresh meat, and if this longing isn't satisfied, it goes on an unstoppable rampage, until its hunger is stilled.

Stonekin Grinder
Preview Grinder
The Grinder is a force of nature and one of the first sons of the element earth. With the power of the mountains and the relentlessness of the sheer rock it grinds the fortresses and houses of the humans, until only finely ground dust remains.

Almost invulnerable, this walking millstone is a mighty ally in the foremost array of battle.

With the power of a XL unit the grinder is a proverbial tower of 4 orbs strength amidst the battle. Thanks to its abilities he attracts the attacks of its enemies and withstands them with its adamant Stonekin skin for quite long.

A walking frost fortress. But due to the fact that it is half nature, it also is a powerful ally. In the heat of the battle it can use its abilities to heal itself automatically. To do this, it relies on the strength of nearby allies - if more allies are close by, the stronger its regenerative abilities become.

Unknown Cards

However, there are also several cards that we know nothing about. All we have is the artwork.

Artwork Renegade Unknown Bandit 01
Artwork Root Nexus
Artwork Renegade Unknown 01

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