BattleForge 102:52

BattleForge 1

Get out the notepad and number 2 pencils, its time to take notes from BattleForges producer, Sebastian Nell. In the first tutorial video, you will see how to play basic units, capture power generators, and convert monuments for your army. Get the latest information and updates at

BattleForge 202:03

BattleForge 2

Get the basics down in a quick tutorial which showcases the different types and levels of cards available in BattleForge.

BattleForge 302:28

BattleForge 3

Watch the Fire faction put the heat on the opposition and take them down with massive destruction. Then, witness the defensive Frost spells freeze the attackers in their steps as more details about BattleForge are revealed.

BattleForge 402:50

BattleForge 4

The Nature faction gets its first preview! Check out a couple of the key players in the Nature force as their control and healing powers make short work of their enemies.

BattleForge 502:18

BattleForge 5

Many of the units and buildings in BattleForge have special "activated" abilities that can change the tide of the battle very quickly. Sebastian gives you a few examples of these abilities check out the video then go register for the beta at!

BattleForge 602:28

BattleForge 6

Producer, Sebastian Nell, provides some basic insight on how to build your own army in BattleForge with the easy-to-use card interface.

BattleForge 702:42

BattleForge 7

In the final tutorial, learn how to apply upgrades youve earned in battle to the cards in your deck. Dont forget to check back on the other tutorials for more hints on BattleForge.

BattleForge have kindly made these tutorial videos for you to experience the techniques on how to become a pro. These videos are a little out dated; however Sebastian Nell will provide some basic insight on how to build your own army in BattleForge with the easy to use card interface.


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