The selection tool is used to select one or more entities in the map, to move them around on all three axis and to rotate them. You can activate the selection mousetool by clicking on the tool in the tools menu or by using the keyboard key Q.


Selected Squad

On the left you can see a screenshot of the editor with a selected squad.

To select an entity just left click on the entity. If you want to multiple entities,
hold down the Shift key to add more entities to the selecting, or drag a
frame around the entities you wish to select.
To deselect an entity just left click on a free spot in the map. If you want to remove an entity from the current selection, hold down the Alt key and click on the entity you wish to remove.
If you want to move the entity around, hold down the right mouse button and
move the mouse around.
If you want to change the height of the entity (this works only for objects)
hold down the Shift key while moving the entity.

To rotate one or more selected entity around their own centerpoint, hold down the middle mouse button while moving the mouse. If you have a selection, like a village or some kind of rock formation that you wish to rotate, but not around the centerpoint of every single entity but around one center point for all of the entities, hold down Alt key while rotating the entities.This will rotate the entities as one group around the point where the mousecursor was placed when you started to rotate the entities.


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