You find the Scripting Tool in the "Windows" dropdown menu at the "PlugInBasedEditor".


Scripting Tool

To visualize an area or path activate the checkbox "View Scripting Areas".

The creation and editing is for both an area or a path the same.

At the picture on the left you will see a path, an area has yellow lines and nodes.

To create both you have to click at the "Place Point" and the click with the lmb at the map to create the first node. To add another one click direkt into the last node hold the lmb and move the mouse pointer to the place you want to create the next node and stop holding down the lmb. You see that the path have a direction, thats the direction the squads will move on. If you want to move some nodes click at the "Select" button select the node and move it by holding the rmb. If you want to delete a node, click at the "Remove Point" button and click at the node you want to delete.

Important to use the path and the area in your scripts you have to name them.

Open the Entity Property Tool, select the path or area with a click at the "Select" button and then double click at the path or area. It is important that you select the whole path or area, this will be shown by green notes see at the picture below.


Scripting Tool

For the path you have two additional options at the "Entity Property Tool".

Continuous: Will connect automatically the first node with the last.

Travel Reverse: Will change the walking direction with 180°.

Reset Properties, will reset your default changes.

A taged area you can use as a condition in your scripting. For example if some units are in an area then... actions will start.

A taged path is good for a patrol action command.


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