ID Spell
2703Mo's Better Blues
2706Mo's Stampede
2708Mo's Better Blues
2712Mo's Better Blues
2715Mo's Stampede
2725Shatter Lance, U2
2735Amazon Beast Mastery, U2
2744Stone Launcher Blessed Gravity Surge, U2
2747Stormsinger Infused Gravity Surge, U2
2749Open Gate
2764Corsair Gifted Assistance, U2 (Summons Banditos)
2776Mo's Better Blues, U2
2778Mo's Group Hug (30 cost)
2779Mo's Stampede, U2
2793Mine Field (75 cost)
2797The Reaping, U1
2798The Reaping, U1
2799Shrine of Greed Gimme Power, U2 (old version)
2800Nihilation, U2
2801Parasite Swarm Mind Control, U2
2804Mindweaver Edict of Command, U2
2808Mo's Better Blues
2810Lightblade Infused Provoke, U2
2812Lightblade Infused Provoke, U2
2825Mo's Group Hug
2835Open Gate
2836Rogan Its the Shoes, U2
2839Harpoon, U2
2840Harpoon, U2 (110 cost)
2844Call Tree Spirit, U2
2845Mo's Group Hug
2848Mo's Better Blues
2850Call Tree Spirit (two tree spirits)
2853Rogan Its the Shoes
2855Mine Field
2858Harpoon (125 cost)
2859Harpoon (110 cost)
2869Call Tree Spirit, U2
2870Stormsinger Gifted Gravity Surge, U2
2871Stormsinger Gifted Gravity Surge, U2 (no cost)
2875Frontier Keep Infused Winterfall, U2
2882Gladiatrix Tainted Sobering, U2 (no cost)
2883Gladiatrix Tainted Sobering, U2 (80 cost)
2888Infernal Machine Infused Arson, U2
2898Amazon Beast Mastery, U2


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