Artwork Rageclaws

Rage is a passive ability that belongs to three Fire creatures.

Effect Edit

The ability's effect is simple, when a creature that has rage is fighting (e.g. Fire Dragon), it gains attack power over time, but when it stops fighting for a certain amount of time (5 seconds to 10 seconds) then it goes back to its original damage output.

Formula Edit

Every five seconds the unit receives a +100% base damage multiplier up to a total of +400%.

For example, a Fire Dragon will do the following damage will each successive attack:

  1. 280
  2. 280
  3. 560
  4. 560
  5. 840
  6. 840
  7. 1120
  8. [...]
  9. 1120

Cards with Rage

!Rageclaws !Giant Slayer !Fire Dragon |- |Rageclaws-0 |Giant Slayer-0 |Fire Dragon-0{|class="cardtable" style="margin:1em auto 1em auto;" | |}


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