RPVE (rPvE) is a special type of match in BattleForge. It may be played by 1, 2, 3 and 4 player(s) who will be put in the same team, while the enemy team is controlled by AI. The map and enemy placements are randomly generated before the game. This type of match rewards players with points used to upgrade cards (but only if the result is victory). There are ten difficulty levels (1-10), and every difficulty level determines the time the player's team will have to destroy all AI enemies, the AI spawn rate, as well as the rewards in case of victory. The prefered level of difficulty of veteran players is level 9, which is very difficult to complete unless you have cards such as the Grinder or Lost Spirit Ship (Not that you would have to use these cards to complete it). A highly recomended card for higher levels of difficulties (8-10) is the Wheel of Gifts, and is widely used for high difficulty matches, but is not neccessary for their completion.

More information found on the page PvE (Player versus Enviroment)

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