Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Infused Cluster Explosion I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Firedancer I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Giant Slayer I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Juggernaut I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Rocket Tower I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Infused Volcano I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Wildfire I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Area Ice Shield I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Frost Crystal I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Infused Icefang Raptor I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Blessed Ironclad I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Mountaineer I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Skyelf Sage I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Timeless One I Frost Titans Standard [edit]
Deepcoil Worm I Nature Titans Standard [edit]
Lifestream I Nature Titans Standard [edit]
Parasite Swarm I Nature Titans Standard [edit]
Razorleaf I Nature Titans Standard [edit]
Wheel of Gifts I Nature Titans Standard [edit]
Altar of Chaos I Shadow Titans Standard [edit]
Altar of Nihil I Shadow Titans Standard [edit]
Ashbone Pyro I Shadow Titans Standard [edit]
Cultist Master I Shadow Titans Standard [edit]
Harvester I Shadow Titans Standard [edit]
Blessed Lost Warlord I Lost Souls Titans Standard [edit]
Tainted Nightshade Plant I Twilight Titans Standard [edit]
Gifted Skycatcher I Twilight Titans Standard [edit]
Viridya II Legendary Titans Advanced [edit]
Aura of Pain II Fire Titans Advanced [edit]
Tower of Flames II Fire Titans Advanced [edit]
Virtuoso II Fire Titans Advanced [edit]
Armored Tower II Frost Titans Advanced [edit]
Retreating Circle II Frost Titans Advanced [edit]
War Eagle II Frost Titans Advanced [edit]
Creeping Paralysis II Nature Titans Advanced [edit]
Mark of the Keeper II Nature Titans Advanced [edit]
Thunderstorm II Nature Titans Advanced [edit]
Blood Healing II Shadow Titans Advanced [edit]
Corpse Explosion II Shadow Titans Advanced [edit]
Embalmer's Shrine II Shadow Titans Advanced [edit]
Infused Batariel II Fire Titans Advanced [edit]
Infused Satanael II Shadow Titans Advanced [edit]
Aura of Pain III Fire Titans Expert [edit]
Tower of Flames III Fire Titans Expert [edit]
Virtuoso III Fire Titans Expert [edit]
Armored Tower III Frost Titans Expert [edit]
Retreating Circle III Frost Titans Expert [edit]
War Eagle III Frost Titans Expert [edit]
Creeping Paralysis III Nature Titans Expert [edit]
Mark of the Keeper III Nature Titans Expert [edit]
Thunderstorm III Nature Titans Expert [edit]
Blood Healing III Shadow Titans Expert [edit]
Corpse Explosion III Shadow Titans Expert [edit]
Embalmer's Shrine III Shadow Titans Expert [edit]
Infused Batariel III Fire Titans Expert [edit]
Infused Satanael III Shadow Titans Expert [edit]

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