Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Burrower I Nature Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Darkelf Assassins I Shadow Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Gifted Dryad I Nature Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Energy Parasite I Nature Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Enforcer I Fire Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Fire Sphere I Fire Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Fountain of Rebirth I Nature Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Infused Green Peace I Nature Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Lyrish Knight I Frost Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Phase Tower I Shadow Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Shadow Phoenix I Shadow Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Shatter Ice I Frost Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Skyfire Drake I Fire Sunbridge Standard [edit]
White Rangers I Frost Sunbridge Standard [edit]
Breeding Grounds II Nature Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Tainted Dying Breed II Fire Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Emberstrike II Fire Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Frost Mage II Frost Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Giant Wyrm II Nature Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Lava Field II Fire Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Gifted Lost Wanderer II Lost Souls Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Nox Trooper II Shadow Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Rifle Cultists II Shadow Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Shaman II Nature Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Shield Building II Frost Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Stone of Torment II Shadow Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Strikers II Fire Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Tempest II Frost Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Infused Twilight Bombard II Twilight Sunbridge Advanced [edit]
Emberstrike III Fire Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Lava Field III Fire Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Strikers III Fire Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Frost Mage III Frost Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Shield Building III Frost Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Tempest III Frost Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Breeding Grounds III Nature Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Giant Wyrm III Nature Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Shaman III Nature Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Nox Trooper III Shadow Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Rifle Cultists III Shadow Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Stone of Torment III Shadow Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Gifted Lost Wanderer III Lost Souls Sunbridge Expert [edit]
Infused Twilight Bombard III Twilight Sunbridge Expert [edit]

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