Elyon Map
Battleground Overview
# Players 1 vs 1


Elyon is a 1vs1 medium sized map with three Monuments located in the center.

Where to expand Edit

Good Choices Edit

Bad Choices Edit


Praseee Vs Emtec on_Elyon_part_1, narrated by Murgar

General Edit

The key to winning Elyon is controlling the center. If you can control the center, then you will be able to go to Tier 3 while your opponent cannot. It is much safer on this map to take the Power Wells and Monuments inside the walls.

When playing against a Frost/Frost deck, beware that White Rangers on the walls can hit the center monument and it's power wells, almost with impunity.

Mortar towers can fire over the mountain area and hit the wells and monuments inside the walls.

Early Game (T1) Edit

Expand your base at the middle of the map or kill the enmy's troop(s) trying to conquer the middle. Most commonly Nomad, Ice Guardian, Frost Mage, Swift Claw.


Mid Game (T2) Edit

Late Game [T3+) Edit

Map Bugs Edit

Walls Edit

  • The Wall in the southern startlocation is protected by the orb so you can't build it up as enemy 0while in the northern startlocation you can build the wall as enemy (if both are destroyed).

Powerwells Edit

  • The powerwell the southern right cornex next to the orb is differently located than the powerwell next to the orb in the upper left corner.

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