Danduil Map
Battleground Overview
# Players 2 vs 2

Description Edit

Where to Expand Edit

Good ChoicesEdit

Start off taking a power well right next to your starting position. Then continue to the center of the map. Taking that early power well will allow you to have a power advantage during the t1 fight that usually occurs in the center of the map. You will then be able to go and buld up the walls near the castles. This map is relatively large, so try to establish a well in several different places, so later in the game you can make more wells next to the ones you have, instead of having to run units to new bases.

Bad ChoicesEdit

Don't build walls around the two castle-like areas on the east and west sides of the map. Each wall costs 50 power, so building the four inner walls on a castle costs 200, and building the four inner and four outer walls costs 400. With that much power, your opponent can get another orb.

Strategies Edit

General Edit

Early Game (T1) Edit

The early game is usually played by all 4 players claiming a well in the middle. Then, the 4 fight to the death in the middle. The team that is defeated usually retreats to a walled side base.

Mid Game (T2) Edit

Late Game (T3+) Edit


  • No bugs on this map known.

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