Lajesh Map
Battleground Overview
# Players 1 vs 1


Lajesh is a small map of many walls. Early action focuses around attempting to build your enemies walls. Mid game usually revolves around map control.
Aerial creatures are generally less useful on this map due to the many walls where archers can be stationed.

Where to ExpandEdit

Good Choices Edit

  • Top-right/Bottom-left depending on where you start.

Bad Choices Edit

  • Center - Easily attacked from either starting base with ranged units or towers.
  • Cliff Wells - Easily attacked from below.


General Edit

  • It's tempting to try and take the center on Lajesh, but if you do so it's easy to assault from the high ground at either player's starting position.
  • You don't need to waste power building walls on either side of your starting position right away, but do make sure you don't let your opponent build walls there at any point or it can be hard to break out. You can protect that walls with Ice Barriers easily as Frost, but you just may want to build the wall seeing as the walls only cost 5 power more and prevent enemy movement. If your opponent is making repeated attempts to build your walls, don't hesitate to build them yourself.

Early Game (T1) Edit

Most people use their starting units to build the left wall if you are at the top or the right wall if you are at the bottom, to prevent the opponent from running there and building it.
Try to secure the base near to your starting monument and build the wall there too otherwise the opponent can just build it and archers can shoot at the closest energy well or put a Mortar Tower behind it.
Fire players often try to build a Mortar Tower in the center of the map to shoot at your monument, but any ranged unit can shoot at the mortar tower and kill it.

Mid Game (T2) Edit

Mid game is usually less intense than the early game. It can be difficult to gain an advantage if neither player is making simple mistakes like building in vulnerable locations.
Watch for attempts to gain map control. You should try to secure one of the corner positions so you have a T3 monument for the late game.

Late Game (T3+) Edit

Watch for attacks coming from multiple directions. Walls will not stop them anymore. If you lose an orb, there are not really any other places to rebuild.

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