Haladur Map
Battleground Overview
# Players 1 vs 1

Description Edit

Haladur is a 1vs1 map with many oppertunities. With 6 available monuments and 14 power wells at the start there is ALOT of resources. The center of the map will be the main location of battle, securing the center is imperative

Where to Expand Edit

Good Choices Edit

Take as much ground presence in the center as you can. If you have more power wells or monuments in the middle you will have a greater advantage.

While your enemy is distracted send some units to attack his first base as this will make him panic.

Bad Choices Edit

Strategies Edit

General Edit

Early Game (T1) Edit

Start with a swift unit like nomad or dreadcharger(swiftclaw works too) and secure the nearest base. then head to the center and secure the base on your side. As your power builds attempt to take one of the wells on the east or west.

Now that you have some wells you should send some units to occupy the enemy. If he attempts to go T2 attack the monument as the orb forms. if he hasnt gone T2 attack his power wells.

When you feel its time to upgrade you can go T2 but you should try to get to T2 before your enemy.

Mid Game (T2) Edit

By T2 you should be able to use some units with the Siege ability. However burrower can be used at T1.

Use creatures like nightcrawlers to attack enemy wells, their frenzy ability makes them superior in damage to burrowers and useing a horde of frenzied nightcrawlers will destroy wells very quickly.

By now you should be able to use flying creatures like |Skyfire Drake| or |Shadow Phoenix| you can use them to occupy the enemy further and harrass them.

Some powerful spells should be useable by now and they can come to good use if you know when to use them.

You should continue to collect more power wells and eventually rise to T3.

NOTE: The |Harvester| is very strong against structures and only needs 2 shadow orbs but is VERY expencive if you should summon one, make good use of it.

Late Game (T3+) Edit

By now your top units in pvp can be used. Creatures like |Wrathgazer| and |Soulhunter| Are very strong and kill quickly.

Create an army of T3 units and attack the enemy base.

If you use them correctly you'll dominate your enemy in no time.

If you can go T4 if you have any units or spells in T4 its expencive but it could be worth it.

Mapbugs Edit

  • No bugs on this map known.

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