Every Entity can be placed freely or if it’s needed it can be placed by snapping it to the grid.
You can choose from two default grids or create your own help grids, so if you need to place your entites in a special pattern, then this litte tool will become your best friend.

Grid Manager

Grid Manager

By clicking on the Snap to Grid box you can activate snap to grid, so every entity you place will be snapped to the next grid point.

There are two default-grids, the Terrain Grid with a grid size of 1.4m and the Pathing Grid with a size of 0.7m.
Those grids are fix and can not be deleted or edited.

You can create your own grids by using the new button. When creating a new grid you have to insert a name for this grid and you have to set the grid size.
To change the currently used grid just click into the dropdown menu and choose the grid you want to use.
To change the currently selected grid you have to edit it, so you can change the name and gridsize of it.
If you want to delete a custom grid just press this button and its gone.

Grid manager2

Colorized Grid

You also can choose an overall grid color, click at the "Choose overall grid color" buton and choose a color from the color wheel.


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