If you want to send enemy squads over the map you need a walking grid.

To create a walking grid open the "Goto Grid Tool" in the "Windows" dropdown menu.


Goto Grid Tool

To visualize the grid activate the checkbox "View Goto Grid"

For placing a point click at "Place Point" and click with the lmb at your map. hold the lmb and click again and again to build a network of red lines. Don't make the net too small because it costs performance. If a squad walks along a path they will stop for a moment at each node. Important: If the distance of two connected nodes is too long, then the color changes from red to yellow!

At the picture below you will see a grid which is built automatically if you generate a skyrmish map with the "Random Generator".


Goto Grid

To remove a node click at the "Remove Point" and then click at a node.

To delete a connection between two nodes click at the "Remove Connection" button.

To select and move one node click at the "Select" button and move it by holding the rmb.

Scripting: You can only use the grid goto commands, if you have created a goto grid!


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