Entity Property Window

This is an overview about the properties provided by the entity properties window. Depending on the selected entity or zone some informations or properties might be hidden because they are not allowed for this kind of entity or zone.

Information - gives you an overview about the different kind of informations the database containts for the selected entity, like Name, Database ID, Category(Squads, Objects, ...) and the folder in the database.

World Coordinates - shows you the current location of the entity in the world. You can move the entity around and the values will change on the fly or you can change the coordinates in this window to place an entity on an exact coordinate.


Entity Property Window

Scaling is used to increase or decrease the size of an object.
Rotation shows you the current rotation of the entity, you can change this by changing the value in the properties view or by using the middle mouse button and moving the mouse.

Height - Usually an objects is placed straight to the map, with no space
between the map and the object, which means that the object is placed 0 meters above the map.
Height is used to change this, if you have to place objects in the air, or under the ground then this setting will be your friend.Just put in the value you need and place the Object, but dont forget to put the value back to 0 if you want to place objects as usual.

Tag - A tag is an unique name for an entity so the scripting can take use of it.
You can insert any name you want and place this entity, if the name is already
assigned to an entity then the tag autonaming will take charge of it.

Player Kit show what Player Kit is assigned to this entity. This value can be changed in the properties window by using the dropdown menu.
Team shows what Team is assigned to this entity. This value can be changed in the properties window by using the dropdown menu. For more information about Player Kit and Team click here


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