Each Tool will open a separate window which you can drag and drop where you want. The Editor is optimized for two monitors so you can put all your separate windows to the second monitor to have a bigger working space at your main monitor.


Brushes you will need for nearly every tool. So learn about this basic element here.


Another important basic tool. Learn about how you can select and deselect entities (buildings, units, objects...) here.

Blocking ToolEdit

To ban player units or computer controlled units to walk where ever they want you need blocking elements (block bits). Learn everything about blocking here.

Blocking Visualization SettingsEdit

To visualize which area is blocked or not you need the Blocking Visualization Settings, click here.

Cutscene EditorEdit

How to create simple cutscenes, click here..

Debug WindowEdit

Entity ListEdit

To get information about every entity (buildings, units, objects...) you have placed in your map open the Entity List, click here.

Entity PlacementEdit

This is the entity (buildings, units, objects...) library with include all the assets which Phenomic uses for BattleForge. Click here to get more information.

Entity PropertiesEdit

If you need special informations about a single entity (building, units, object...) or to name (tag) it use the Entity Properties Tool, click here.

Goto Grid ToolEdit

If you want to create the walking path for your computer controlled units you need this tool, click here. for more informations.

Grid ManagerEdit

This tool will paint a helping grid at the top of your map. It is very helpful if you need a symmetrical map layout. You can also place entities (buildings, units, objects...) by snap to grid, for more information click here.

Height ToolEdit

A very important tool if you want to transform the surface of your map, click here for more information.


Map Patch ToolEdit

Performance LightsEdit

This is a useful tool to control the performance of your map, click here to get more details.

Script Group EditorEdit

Useful tool to group single named (taged) entities (buildings, units, objects...) into one script group, using them in your script. Click here for a guidance.

Scripting ToolEdit

Tool to create trigger areas or patrol walking pathes for computer controlled units. Click here for more information.

Sound ToolEdit

To implement complex atmo sound into your world open this tool. See details here.

Terrain CliffsEdit

To create these typically cliffs in BattleForge you need to open this tool. Click here for more information.

Texture ToolEdit

Also a very important tool for creating the surface of your map. With the Texture Tool you can transform areas of your map into deserts, greenlands, snowlands....Click here. fore a guidance.

Water ToolEdit

If you want to create lakes, ponds anything with water you will need this tool. Click here for more information.


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