New Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Save as... Ctrl+Shift+S
Quit Ctrl+Q
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
History Shift+H
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Selection Q
Distance Measurement D
Height Modifier H
Fixed Height Modifier F
Terrain Smoothing S
Cutscene Tool K
Texture Modifier T
Additive Texture Modifier A
Object Placement O
Squad Placement U
Building Placement B
Power Slot Placement P
Token Slot Placement Ctrl+T
Fortification Placement R

Misc Placement

Effect Placement E
AtmoZone Modifier Z
Terrain Cliffs automatically C
Terrain Cliffs manually V
Blocking Modifier L
Map Patch Creator J
Map Patch Library Ctrl+J
Water Placement Y
Editor Camera Ctrl+Shift+E
Ingame Camera Ctrl+Shift+I
Ingame Camera Rotation Mode: Free Ctrl+Shift+R
Orthographic Camera Ctrl+Shift+O
Cutscene Camera Ctrl+Shift+U
Move the camera around Cursor-Keys left, right,
up and down
Turn the camera around a point Cursor-Keys INS, DEL,
Zoom camera in and out Cursor-Keys PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN
Application... Ctrl+Shift+A
Plug-Ins... Ctrl+Shift+P
Goto next red tile Shift+F3
Blocking Tool Shift+B
Cutscene Editor Shift+S
Entity List Shift+L
Entity Placement Shift+E
Entity Properties Shift+P
Grid Manager Shift+G
Height Tool Shift+F
History Shift+H
Map Patch Tool Shift+J
Performance Lights Shift+R
Sound Tool Shift+Z
Terrain Cliffs Shift+C
Texture Tool Shift+T
Water Tool Shift+Y


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