• Twilight Transformation units can 'transform' into themselves, e.g. when a Gifted Vileblood activates its Transformation ability, the player can choose to transform it into a Gifted Vileblood. 'Transforming' in this way does not require there to be another card with the Transformation ability in the current deck.
  • Despite a cost that is almost the full summoning cost of the card, the new unit appears with the same percentage of life points as the old. In other words, the tactical choice of healing the unit by paying the transformation cost was removed by code to specifically alter the hit points of the new unit to match the percentage of the old, because the developers felt healing would have been unfair.
  • Any effects that trigger "if (the unit is) transformed" are the effects of the unit that is activating the ability, not the unit it is transforming into.
    • This mechanic of the Twilight Transformation may be slightly counterintuitive to some players. Some players may see the ability as the developers did, as an ability belonging to the original unit, with the fact that it activates when the transformation is triggered as a purely arbitrary factor. This confuses the heck out of players who believe that because transformation is what triggers the ability, the ability that activates should belong to the transformed unit. Perhaps it is helpful to think of the ability as the essential quality of the Twilight Cursed being released to make way for a new essence.
Deathglider and Skycatcher can transform non-Twilight ground creatures into other Twilight Transformation units with an ability called Twilight Infection. This ability is a subcategory of Twilight Transformation, and these cards cannot transform themselves; however, other units can be transformed into them, and so they are still in the category.


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