Sleep Cards (a.k.a. mesmerize, daze) lists cards with the ability to temporarily stop targeted creatures. While sleep is similar to other forms of Crowd Control Cards, the main difference is that sleeping creatures are only neutralized until they are attacked. Doing so removes the effect and allows them to get back in the fight.

Sleep, like Paralysis, also has the tactical versatility that Freeze cards and Immobilization cards lack; damage against the affected units remains consistent, and it is not restricted to use on melee units for maximum effectiveness. Whether or not the units wake, the time they spent asleep is damage saved.

Curse of Oink is really in a category of its own, for fairly obvious reasons. It is included here because its effect is very similar in gameplay terms, but the visual transformation makes it a markedly different effect. Curse of Oink also has a much longer amount of time before the units wake, if attacked (5 seconds instead of 3 seconds).

Windweavers, with their Multishot ability, are the unit most likely to break Sleep, and should be micromanaged to fire as far away from Sleeping / Oinked units as possible, if the Sleep is to be preserved. Splash Damage units such as Fire Stalker and even Swamp Drake itself can also waken nearby Sleepers.

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