Basic Specifications
Type Creature
Faction Nature
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Uncommon
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:30
Rarity-Desirability Value 10 RankBadge PvP Lvl11



Swiftclaw is a first era Nature creature with swiftness. It can be switched into a high damage mode in exchange for disabling its swiftness. This makes the creature highly mobile, while giving it situational attack power.

They can trample small units, and are a counter for both of the most ubiquitous M class cards in PvP tier 1: Dreadcharger and Scavenger. All this would add up to a card superior to most everything else in tier 1, if it were not for the price: 80 Power is almost twice as much as most competitive units in tier 1.


AbilityIcon Activatable Bestial Fury

Activate to deal 50% more damage but unit will only be able to move slowly and is no longer able to trample small creatures. Lasts until deactivated.

AbilityIcon Passive Swiftness

Moves at high speed.


Artwork Swiftclaw


Counter ForEdit

Countered ByEdit




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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Swiftclaw I Nature Defending Hope Standard [edit]
Swiftclaw II Nature The Soultree Advanced [edit]
Swiftclaw III Nature The Soultree Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Swiftclaw I Lifepoints +25
Swiftclaw II Lifepoints +55
Swiftclaw III Lifepoints +60

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