AbilityIcon AutoCast Soulburn

Every 4 seconds, unit fires a bolt of dark energy that deals 230 damage to enemies in a 10m radius around its target, up to 345 in total. Every shot drains the unit's own life points by 130. Unit will no longer attack once its life points have been reduced below 130. Knocks back small and medium units.

AbilityIcon Activatable Sacrifice

Activate to sacrifice an own unit in order to transfer the victim's life points into own life points. Reusable every 15 seconds.

AbilityIcon Activatable Foul Play

Turns an own unit into a living bomb that explodes after 20 seconds dealing 200% of it's current lifepoints as damage to hostile and friendly entities within a 25m radius, up to 33% per target. Knocks back small and medium units. Reusable every 20 seconds.
Requires Upgrade I.

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