Battleforge TV is a german live stream powered by Harlequin, Desatr, Swordsworn and JmCw. They are streaming and commenting several PvP events and random sparring matches between highly skilled players. Battleforge TV does not only contain the live stream but also a VoD section where you can watch older matches for several weeks. Furthermore there is a livechat where the viewers can discuss the current match. The highest viewer count has been 160 so far.


The Battleforge TV Team is also hosting the weekly PvP event King of the Forge which is hold every wednesday between 7pm and 9pm (GMT). This event features usually five games in which the current king has to defend his title against the five challengers. The king has the right to choose the map which will be played in the BO1-matches. Reloadedlamb is the current king since he beat Avire who was undeafeted for 5 matches.

Another PvP event which is regularly shown is the ESL Weekend Cup.


The streamed matches are played on special maps since BattleForge is lacking a spectating feature. These maps are reworked 1v1 PvP maps which have two additional spectator slots for the streamer and the caster. At the moment it is impossible to stream 2v2 matches since Battleforge maps support only a maximum player count of four, so there is no place for spectator slots. There are no PvE maps streamed for similiar reasons.

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