• SwiftThunder

    We are currently undergoing a very successful beta for the new lost souls edition featuring both twilight and lost souls factions, even the dev's are coming on to discuss balancing with players. Twilight the new fire / nature cards seem to need some tweaking, while the Lost Souls which are frost / shadow seem to be fairly balanced with only few issues. The Lost Souls units were given an ability to resurrect them selves upon death for a limited time, combine that with a nasty surprise from a near by ground presence and these units can be quite effective. Twilight units ability is how ever seemingly useless with only minor bonus's for spending full cost on a new unit while losing the old one, it seems you would be better off just spawning a …

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  • Aliyon

    Huge patch this time. Two new promo cards and sneak peak at the next edition.

    Refer a Friend
    1. Invite your friends, get rewarded and enjoy the festive season together with BattleForge this Christmas.
      1. We are giving all current players out there the chance to get hold of some great stuff with our “Refer a Friend” program. Go out and tell your friends about your favorite game and if they come and tell us that you recommended the game, you can get hold of some EPIC rewards.
      2. With our rewards you can save hours of grinding by earning yourself mounds of tokens and even get your hands on an awesome collectible Promo Card when you introduce your friends to BattleForge.
    2. All you have to do is get your friend to sign up and play the game with you. You…
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  • Aliyon

    Random PvE Maps

    November 4, 2009 by Aliyon

    The last patch introduced a great new feature for all you PvE players. Random PvE Maps!

    They are currently in a beta stage, but maybe we will see some kind of rewards in the future.

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  • Aliyon
    • Beta: Randomly generated PvE maps are now playable in beta state on the world map as a new game mode. You might still encounter bugs or discover balancing issues. Please report these issues through the forums. The beta version of the randomly generated PvE maps does not give out rewards, nor does it feature the final usage of bosses or show rankings.
    • Goldchests: New tool-tips containing explicatory texts were added that will hint why a gold chest can presently not be opened by the player.

    • Balancing Change - Banner of Glory: Production costs reduced 50 -> 40, refund increased 25% -> 33%
    • Balancing Change - Frostbite: Production costs reduced 40 -> 25, u3 20
    • Balancing Change - Ice Guardian: If this unit is played out near friendly orb…

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  • Aliyon

    Map Editor Released!

    October 16, 2009 by Aliyon

    You asked for it. They delivered. The Official BattleForge Map Editor editor is here. Hopefully in the future, the wiki will be host to tutorials and help pages for the editor.

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